Experience the Best Beauty Services at Shades of Color

At Shades of Color nail salon, Our nail technicians will do their best to smooth and calm your body & mind! Choose any color of your nail polish – and we will make it work for you!

The beauty and health of the body is followed by mental comfort.

At Shades of Color, our nail technicians are here to help you relax and unwind your mind and your body to balance your day. Our nail care services are friendly, and our equipment is always clean, sterilized, and sanitized for your safety. We provide personal nail kits for each client, and by doing such, we prevent the possibility of bacteria transfer at all times.

We invite you to visit the nail paradise and feel the power of relaxation.

We believe that your beauty and health of the body are followed by mental comfort, so to be good-looking you need to make sure your mind is empty and ready to project beauty via the body.

Nail Salon
Highly recommended! I've never felt satisfy after I get my nails done but this time Was different !She did everything the way I wanted. I definitely will go back to get my nails done Colorful and Happy place.
— R K.
Love this salon and their nail techs! The massage is great and so are the designs and ombré gel nails!
— Kathy W.
Love the location and one of the most beautiful nails salon in LA , great customer service ,super clean and use all disposable nail kit . The manager was super friendly and help me choose my color . I'm in love with my nails . The color selection they have in the salon is so complete I will definitely go back again.
— Lagha S.