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Top Reasons Your Nails Keep Breaking

by Domenico Bruzzese on May 27, 2021
Reasons Nails Breaking

The health condition of your hands and the appearance of your nails will tell a lot about your general body health. Like the body skin, the nails lose moisture; they become weak, dry, and ultimately feel brittle. Nails will tell more than the eyes can see- those dirty or brittle nails are a sign of an underlying health condition that has been with you for a while. You’ve been doing the regular manicure, and nothing seems to work- the nails are breaking.

Following are some of the reasons why the nails are breaking

Lack of iron in your food

You seemingly have a “manners” where whenever you’re concentrating, bored or nervous, you bite your nails. Unfortunately, doing this weakens them, and therefore they’ll ultimately break. This doesn’t only lead to the nails breaking but also exposes your fingers to infections.

Saliva is ordinarily supposed to digest food and thus dissolves the nails and cuticle skin making it brittle and weak. That leads to a suboptimal barrier where fungus, bacteria, and such can penetrate your body.

To keep your nails healthy and avoid infections, keep them neat and short. If you’re fond of biting, try nail paints that taste bitter. That will motivate you to quit the habit. If you have anxiety issues, you should try addressing them, which will keep off the behavior.

If your nails are concave or depressed, that could mean you’re low on iron or anemic. Iron is a crucial element in hemoglobin formation, which harbors the oxygen-loaded red-blood cells. This supplies fresh oxygen to your nail matrix; thus, you’ve strong and healthy nails.

Have you seen depressions in your nails? Then it’s time you visited the dermatologist for a blood test and add in your menu iron-rich foods like legumes, grass-fed beef, oysters, spinach, and where possible, dark chocolate ( And don’t overdo this).

You could be lacking a particular vitamin B

Do you think beauty supplements are bunk? For example, biotin is a B vitamin, widely lauded as a nail-strengthener. Some reliable studies by experts in dermatology have found that taking some 2.5mg of vitamin B daily improves nail strength, and within six to nine months, it reduces brittleness.

Some biotin-rich foods that should never miss on your menu are beef, salmon, eggs, almonds, among others. But be patient; it’ll take a few months to see the results.


Texting and typing

That clickety-clack sound your nails make as you fire the emails and texts is harmful to your nails. If your nails are making contact with the keyboard or the Smartphone screen every other time, after some time, you could begin to see some fractures, split or fray at the edges.

To avoid such, get a good nail salon that will guarantee all manicure benefits and help you to keep your nails trimmed, and allow only a tip of the white tip. That will enable you to touch the keyboard or pad without damaging the nails.

Nails are part of what makes you look admirable, and thus you’ve to pay attention to their health. Just like you treat other body organs, your nails require attention. Look for a good nail salon where you’ll get your nails treated and perfectly manicured to improve your looks.